We guide your birthing process from pregnancy to delivery and postpartum care follow-ups to welcome your baby into the world with the best care possible.

During Pregnancy

Your baby deserves the best prenatal care you can provide. Our qualified midwives welcome you to hour-long checkups to run comprehensive screenings and ensure any questions are answered. Expectant mothers and families end up feeling much at ease as they prepare for delivery.


  • FREE initial consultation
  • FREE Childbirth Education class
  • In-office lab services with no extra charge, a full obstetric panel including genetic testing and GDM screening
  • Care from your midwife and 30 or 60 minute appointments
  • Ultrasounds in office or preferred location
  • Referrals or consultations available upon request or as indicated
  • Electronic medical records with direct Client Portal

midwifery packing pricing

  • $4500
  • Prompt pay and financial hardship discounts available
  • Additional services charged if/when used


We work to provide individualized care with a comprehensive birthing plan to make the process of delivery as comfortable and stable as possible for both mother and baby.


  • Direct access to your midwife for early labor questions
  • Midwife and fully-trained assistant at the time of delivery
  • Waterbirth assistance
  • Delayed cord clamping is standard of care
  • Equipment and medications for IVs, suturing, resuscitation, and hemorrhage management
  • Full newborn exam at time of birth including blood typing

birth tub rentals for home and hospital birthers

  • $150 for all supplies and one FREE hour of postpartum doula care

Postpartum Care

As a new mother, your time and attention is best-spent bonding with your new baby, not worrying about postpartum care. We take care of all postpartum needs, from completing the cleanup after the birth to continuing newborn education long after delivery.


  • 24 hour home visit for mom and baby
  • Newborn screening for blood, heart, and hearing defects
  • Breastfeeding assessment, support, and education
  • Complete newborn exam records sent to your pediatrician
  • 7 day home visit for mom including vitals, perineal check, and tips for breastfeeding success
  • 7 day home visit for newborn including weight check and second newborn blood screening (aka PKU test or heel poke)
  • Additional home visits as needed


postpartum only midwifery services

  • Not ready for the full homebirth?  We provide postpartum-only midwifery services after you’ve had your baby in the hospital.
  • $125 per visit 


postpartum doula care

  • In-home information and support in a helpful, non-judgmental, and family-centered way. 
  • Help with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, newborn care, and sleep schedules, as well as help around the house.  
  • Package A: $99 for 4 hours
    Package B: $199 for 8 hours
    A la carte:  $27/hour