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postpartum only
midwifery services

Recommended schedule:  Day 2, 3 & 7 after birth

Not ready for the full home birth but want great care in-home? No problem!  Kristin provides postpartum-only midwifery services in the weeks after you’ve had your baby in the hospital and have returned home.  

You just can’t bring yourself to get yourself and baby all packed up to go to the clinic to check their weight or jaundice or get that second heel poke?  No problem!    As a new mother, your time and attention is best-spent bonding with your new baby, not worrying about how you’re going to get yourselves out of the house.  

  • Newborn screening, including the second blood screening (aka PKU test or heel poke) and repeat hearing and CCHD screen if not passed at the hospital
  • Maternal vitals, perineal or c-section scar check, and care tips
  • Breastfeeding assessment, support, and education
  • Newborn feeding and sleeping assessment 
  • Care records sent to your provider(s)
  • Birth control information
  • Postpartum depression screening
  • Review of pregnancy and birth history as well as personal goals to help guide care


$175 for one 1.5 hour visit  
$340 for two 1.5 hour visits 
$495 for three 1.5 hour visits
(*this is the recommended schedule)
$950 for four 1.5 hour and one 4 hour “let them rest” visits

Prices include:

  • a prenatal telehealth consultation,
  • the home visits during first two weeks after birth,
  • additional telehealth visits between home visits,
  • any paperwork or referrals needed, and
  • a detailed invoice so you can bill your insurance.  (HSA accounts are great for this kind of health care cost!)

Care is paid for at the time of service. Ask Kristin about gift certificates and additional care packages for longer term or specialized care. 



Your insurance policy may cover some postpartum or home health care.  You should call and find out what is or is not covered and at what percentage an in or out of network provider/service is covered.  Kristin will provide a detailed invoice with CPT and ICD10 codes, Dates of service, and fees to you can bill your insurance.  

Kristin is passionate about helping people understand their care choices and how they are influenced by our healthcare landscape, so please bear with this public service announcement:  

Insurances DO pay for postpartum care for mother and baby–just not very well if at all.  That’s one reason why most medical professionals do not provide routine postpartum care.  It is unfortunate that parents are forced to try their best at home until something is so painful or worrisome that they go in for what turns out to be an expensive visit with more interventions.  

Why not avoid all that hassle and just get postpartum midwifery care right in your home?