consulting services

benefit from full informed decision-making discussions
with emphasis on meeting your personal education and care goals 

$25 per consultation

Video conferencing and in-person options available.

Informed Decision Making

 If you have ever felt pushed into a decision about your care or your baby’s care or if you feel like there’s more to the story but you’re not sure what, you may like to have a consultation with a midwife to discuss your situation and your options. 

Simply put, a home birth midwife approaches every discussion from the point of view that you need and deserve all the information regarding the issue AND a venue to ask questions without made to feel stupid or careless for wondering or asking.  We believe best outcomes are achieved when people are well-informed and well-supported.

Consultations are designed for people who are planning a hospital birth, or are interested in homebirth, and want more information about their options or how the birthing process works.  YOU are the one having the baby and YOU get to decide.  

All topics available to WA residents due to Kristin’s licensing.  Non-clinical topics available to residents of other states.

commonly discussed topics

  • Gestational diabetes testing
  • Ultrasound use and what the report says
  • Rh(D)Ig medication and Rh negativity
  • Genetic testing
  • Water birth
  • Newborn procedures
  • Breastfeeding and formula-feeding
  • Post-dates pregnancy and birth
  • Local provider options
  • How to choose a midwife or doctor
  • What is blood spot screening and CCHD screening
  • Benefits of home or birth center birth 

pricing and scheduling

$25 per 30 minute blocks.  Your health history will be reviewed together at beginning of consultation.  (After doing this so many times over a decade, I recommend planning 60 minutes for discussing birth at home or in a birth center, otherwise it just feels so rushed.)   Additional $50 for in-person consultations.  These are especially helpful for end of pregnancy topics such as assessing baby’s size or position for planned VBAC because you may need to have your belly palpated for baby’s position. 

Most consultations take place over video conferencing with early morning, daytime, and evening times available.