Postpartum care

Now that you’re home from the hospital, do you really feel like getting out the door for that lactation help or baby’s weight check?  Not likely.

Maybe you should just wait it out and see if you can just power through.  Your mom did it and so do all those other women around here.  Definitely not!

Now you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Kristin comes to you in your home for a complete assessment of mother and baby. 

  • maternal vitals, including blood pressure and assessment of uterine bleeding
  • assessment of perineal and scar health, as indicated
  • mood disorder assessment and prevention
  • breastfeeding help
  • newborn vitals and weight check
  • newborn blood spot screening (aka PKU)
  • referrals
  • full documentation 



There’s so much to know and navigate throughout pregnancy and so little time with your provider.  How many times have you left your appointment with unanswered questions?  Or completely new ones?

Probably a lot, as you may have had 10 minutes or less with your provider.

Now you CAN get full informed decision making discussions from an experienced midwife, not just Dr. Google.

Topics covered include:

  • VBAC and HBAC
  • homebirth
  • gestational diabetes and testing
  • newborn procedures, including vitamin K and erythromycin
  • Group B Strep
  • genetic testing
  • anemia
  • weight gain and nutrition
  • many more


Home birth

Healthy women having normal pregnancies have better outcomes and more satisfaction when they birth with midwives.

Why?  Because adding routine hospital interventions into a low-risk birth actually increases the likelihood of c-section, episiotomy, induction, and decreased breastfeeding.  

And because women NEED to be listened to and heard, especially in birth.  Forcing women into a decision or a situation really never works in her favor.

Home birth is safe, cost-effective, personalized, responsive, and integrated into maternity care in WA.

That’s why so many women, birthing people and families are choosing to have their babies at home.

Kristin will not be taking birthing clients August 2019-2022 so she can spend time with her family, though she can make referrals for your area.