Childbirth Education with your midwife!  June 2nd in Kennewick


Saturday, June 2


10 am – 4 pm


Justice Family Chiropractic
7117 W Hood Place, Suite 130

Contact the midwife

Hayley 360.223.2323 call/text
Kristin 509.780.3330 text

Welcome to childbirth education at Sunrise Midwifery!

Great news: the class LOCATION HAS CHANGED from Prosser to Kennewick to better serve attendees.  We are very thankful to the Justice’s for lending us this space.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to meet Hayley Swedelius, the new midwife in our practice.  Hayley is a very experienced doula and new midwife with a great attitude and loads of helpful information.  Some of you will be seeing her again soon at your births!

Class is free for clients. Class is $100 for people who are not (yet!) clients.  If you do go on to become a client, that $100 will be applied toward your midwifery fee.

Here is more specific information:
–We love kids but they will be bored out of their skulls.  Please leave them home!
–Partners, doulas, and mothers/MILs are welcome to attend.  We really ENCOURAGE partners to come!!
–This class is fast-paced, very straightforward information, with no painting artwork or laying on the ground pretending to push.
–We cover the anatomy and physiology of birth, delayed cord clamping, hormones, stages of labor, baby’s movements and transition after birth, breastfeeding basics, how to set up/clean up for homebirth, how waterbirth works,when to call the midwife, and probably more that I’m forgetting.
–Please bring your favorite cushion or birth ball to sit on, as you’ll want to change positions.
–We encourage moving around during class and eating when you’re hungry.
–Speaking of food, there will be some few snacks provided and a 45 min lunch break.  Plan to bring a lunch or go out and pick one up and then eat it in class.
–Class is really casual with people usually getting up to walk around or get food.  It’s a good way to keep class moving along but also meet people’s needs.

Please RSVP by email to or text to 509.780.3330 by this evening, so we know how to set up.  If you have any questions, please just ask!