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New or returning clients with due dates through July 2019 are welcome to contact me and begin care now.

I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from pregnancy and birth care beginning August 2019.  I was looking forward to taking a well-deserved break from the 24/7 call schedule of midwifery and spending quality time with my family by bringing a new LM into the practice.  Unfortunately, this has not happened and I am unable to sustain the practice on my own at this time.

2018 was set to be a year of growth, new directions for the practice, and successful culmination of a decade of outstanding midwifery care.   Sunrise Midwifery made several large investments into growth, including hiring an employee, striking out with a mobile office (#TheBetty), rebranding, and redesigning the website.  Many personal sacrifices were made to bring innovative and widespread midwifery care to this area, now rendered unnecessary, making this leave of absence even more heartbreaking than expected.

I want to thank all of the wonderful clients who have come through my doors over the past decade; it has been a pleasure being part of your lives and families.  If you need referrals to other providers or have questions about access to midwifery care in your area, please contact me.

Best wishes for 2019,

Kristin can be reached at 509.780.3330 or