Postpartum doula services near you!

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Hayley's Comment

You needed care, we provide it!

Remember how tiring and sometimes worrisome it is those first days and weeks after birth? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there to help you and answer your questions? Trained postpartum care providers are the solution!

A postpartum doula can help with

  • newborn feeding and care, including breastfeeding,
  • provide an understanding and trained perspective as you process your birth
  • light chores around the house
  • entertainment for other littles at home
  • hold or feed the baby while mom naps or showers or goes to an appointment
  • make referral to midwifery postpartum care, if indicated

what packages are available?

We have designed our postpartum care packages with affordability and effectiveness in mind.

A: Birth tub rental


Whether you plan a home or hospital birth, you can rent a tub and receive ONE FREE HOUR of postpartum doula care!  All tub necessities included in the price.

B: Package a + 2 hours


After the first free hour of doula care when she comes to pick up the tub, you can schedule two more hours on another day.  Follow up care from the same knowledgable person!

c: package b + 1 week midwife visit


If you have a hospital birth, you can still get midwifery care for you and your baby! Full vitals on mom and baby plus weight check and the second heel poke test on your baby.

D: individual doula hours

$49 per 2 hours

Every mom and family needs more help during their first weeks home.  Ask your family and friends to purchase your doula hours!  It’s the perfect baby shower gift.

get your postpartum package

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