There are many birth professionals and services as well as natural health care oriented practitioners all throughout eastern WA.  Here a short list of other midwives, doulas, chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, photographers, and birth tub rental companies to help you find the right people for your maternity care.

This page is currently be updated.  Contact us if you’d like to be listed.


What kind of midwife is right for you?

There are many talented midwives in eastern Washington.  Women have great choices available to them.  But what are the different kinds of midwives?  It makes sense for prospective clients to research their options and find the best fit for their needs.  Licensed Midwives work solely out-of-hospital (at homes or birth centers), while most Certified Nurse Midwives work only in the hospital.

Each midwife’s scope of practice, fees, and insurance billing capabilities are different, so be sure to ask about those.

For more answers, contact Kristin.

State midwifery organizations

Midwives’ Association of Washington State

A professional organization for Licensed Midwives and Certified Nurse Midwives for over 30 year.  Find a midwife and learn more about MAWS.

Association of Certified Nurse Midwives

The Washington chapter of ACNM lists many out of hospital and hospital-based midwives.


Marcile Petrilli, LM, CPM

We are happy to welcome this lovely, talented, and newly licensed midwife to our area!  Contact her.

Shannon Bennett, LM, CPM

We are happy to also welcome this lovely, talented, and newly licensed midwife to our area!  Contact her.

Virginia Frazer, ND, LM

Dr. Frazer has been an integral part of the homebirthing community for many years.  Contact her.

Rebekah Pierson, CNM

Rebekah is a CNM who provides homebirth and accepts Medicaid.  Contact her.


What is a doula?

Found out what a doula does.  Doulas are a wonderful addition to any birth and postpartum team.  They are highly recommended for first time birthers.  We love working with them.


Find the Tri-Cities doulas on their Facebook page.



Birth tubs

Find a birth tub

Find your local birth tub rental company.  It’s so nice having someone come in, set it all up, explain its use, and then come in a take it all away.  Tell them you are a Sunrise Midwifery client and we will coordinate your tub delivery and pick up.

You can also buy a tub and accompanying supplies.



Dandelions and Love

Buy your own




Courtney Lee

Find her on Facebook


Rosika Steele

Find her on Facebook.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy

Why is it important?

Chiropractic care for the mother is really important during pregnancy and after as there are many musculoskeletal changes that occur during these times.  Prenatally, adjustments help keep you comfortable and can help with positioning the baby well.  An important tool for turning breech babies is the Webster Technique.  Additionally, during birth, all the pelvic bones are loose and flexible and can stay in a relaxed or off-kilter position if not adjusted.


Dr. Angela Sullivan

Contact her

Justice Family Chiropractic



Placenta preparation


Placenta preparation is common among homebirthers because the placenta can be used in many different ways.  Some people like to prepare “birth art” using the placenta to help memorialize their experience.  Some people like to plant the placenta under flowering bush or fruit tree as a continual reminder of their birth.  Others use the placenta as medicine.

Our very own April Haugen is available for placenta preparation too!  Contact her anytime.





Childbirth education

What kinds of CBE are available?

Childbirth education takes many forms and most people receive hospital-based CBE.  That CBE is very different from what you get from most midwives, doulas, and out-of-hospital childbirth educators.  Sunrise Midwifery covers a wide area in eastern WA and there is a variety of CBE available in different areas.

The CBE that April and Kristin teach is rooted in anatomy, physiology, and the normal stages of labor.  We focus on educating participants about how their bodies work so that when labor starts they know exactly what is going on.  We do not spend much time on practicing labor positions or how an epidural is given or what to consider when getting a c-section, as those do not generally apply to homebirthers or natural birthers.  Classes are open to clients and non-clients!


The Bradley Method

Hannah and John are a great couple for teaching CBE and giving perspective on different birthing options.  Plus, they are a hoot!  Classes are on a 12-week rotation with multiple rotations at any given time.  Contact them for details.

Hypnobirthing (The Mongan Method)

Cynthia Varadan offers Hypnobirthing classes (and massage therapy) at Stellar You Wellness Clinic.  Email her or call her at 509-619-8679