As a Licensed Midwife in Washington and a member of the Midwives’ Association of Washington State (MAWS), I adhere to the following guidelines for maternity care.  They are designed to provide the best of midwifery and medical care to the women we serve.  Modern midwifery care includes necessary medical testing and intervention all while promoting natural birth and personal care.

The goal of homebirth is not to keep all planned homebirths at home, no matter what.   The goal is to help birth happen in the locale that keeps risks the lowest.  Most of the time, for healthy women with normal pregnancies, this is at home!  But sometimes this is at the hospital.  All of the people involved in birth, from the parents to the midwife to a doctor, want good, healthy outcomes for mom and baby.

Situations that require medical consults or transfers of care are outlined in the guidelines below.  The midwife can discuss any of them with you at a consultation or presentation.