Your experience is important to us.  Please help us improve our care by submitting your feedback.  There are several multiple-choice questions asking you to rate certain aspects of care as well as text fields where you can add your own comments.

The survey is anonymous, unless you submit your name and/or email.  An email with a link to the survey is sent to all clients at the conclusion of care from Client Care.

Thank you for your time!  We appreciate your feedback.

Client Survey

    Informed Choice discussions include: genetic, gestational diabetes, and group B strep testing; newborn procedures; indications for medical care; and homebirth midwifery.
    This includes office locations, appointments, and phone/text.
    The Client Portal is your access point into the electronic health record system (called Client Care) used by Sunrise Midwifery. Please choose the answer that is closest to your actual use.
    Client Care is the electronic health record system used at Sunrise Midwifery. The Welcome email contains initial log in information as well as quick links to commonly used services, such as birth tubs, birth kits, birth certificates, and postpartum instructions
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MAWS has been leading the midwifery profession in Washington for 30 years and is still going strong.  Over 80% of Licensed Midwives in Washington are members.  Kristin is an active Board member helping bring safe, affordable, and evidence-based midwifery care to families.  If you would like more information, go here and if you would like to support our organization, go here.

Our state professional association has a long-standing and well-respected Quality Management Program.  The purpose of the QMP is to provide peer and incident review for members, make quality improvement guidelines and suggestions, and reduce the cost of state oversight through the complaint process.   File a complaint with MAWS QMP.  You can also file a complaint with the DOH.