Congratulations! It’s a girl! When do we circumcise her? What?!? I‘m serious. Let’s just do it.

Aha!  Did that catch your eye?

You may not know that female circumcision is still practiced by various people around the world.  In our country, we call it Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  It is done by the elder women, generally, for the purposes of: 1) making the girl marriageable by making her sexually desirable and unwilling to “stray” and 2) following customs and traditions.  A girl or woman, unmarried, is unwelcome in a family as she is a burden.  Besides, cutting is a parental choice.

So what does this have to do with us?  We don’t circumcise our girls!  That would be crazy! That’s pretty barbaric and that kind of cultural nonsense doesn’t apply to us!

Except it does.  Girls are subjected to FGM by practitioners in the United States and are taken for “vacation” to their home countries.  We still debate parental choice and religious traditions.

Whew!!  I’m a white, god-fearing, apple-pie American, so I don’t have to worry about succumbing to those kinds of beliefs.

Or do I?

We do it to our boys every day.

For over a hundred years.

For exactly the same reasons.

What if we don’t have the right information?

Like most everything we choose and do for our children, we do it from a perspective of what we think is best for them.  Every parent makes their risk-benefit analysis with the health and well-being of their child in mind.  You and I are trying to do what’s best for our kids.

But, as a whole, we also have been “sold” a whole bunch of ideas and products without really knowing the effectiveness, need for, or history behind them.  We were “sold” the idea that your vagina MUST be cut open to get a baby out.  We were “sold” the idea that cigarettes and soda were good for us.

Find out for yourself if you are being sold on the necessity of female or male genital circumcision.  You NEED to see it and educate yourself.

Information from a medical perspective

NO national medical association in the world today recommends infant circumcision.

The US is alone in its public and medical support of male infant circumcision.  No other industrialized country performs routine circumcision.  In 2014, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service stated that the risks of circumcision outweigh the benefits.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) claims that “the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks” in 2012.  However, the AAP does not know how often complications during and after circumcision occur, so it lacks the evidence it needs to make a comparison between risks and benefits.

The AAP’s statement was met with strong criticism from a large group of European and Canadian doctors representing various foreign medical associations, in the AAP’s own journal “Pediatrics.”

20-minute educational video entitled “Circumcision?  Make the Informed Decision,” narrated by Dean Edell, M.D.   This video, designed for expectant parents, briefly shows an infant circumcision.  It discusses the anatomy of the foreskin, as well as the foreskin’s protective and sexual functions.

Sadly, medically unnecessary circumcisions take the lives of too many infants each year, and other children suffer the effects of botched circumcisions their whole lives.  Check out some publicly known tragedies, with updates in the comments section.

A growing number of men who wish they had been left intact (not circumcised) are benefitting from non-surgical foreskin restoration.