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through informed decision-making and evidence-based care.

“Evidence-based care” uses current research and theories to guide care practices in a dynamic way.  This means that changes occur quickly when solid evidence shows the benefit or risk to a certain practice.

 It has helped show that routine episiotomies are not actually good for a woman’s health, elective delivery before 39 weeks gestation is detrimental to the baby’s health, elective cesareans pose greater risks to mother and baby than those that are medically indicated, and delayed cord clamping is beneficial to the baby’s health.

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Evidence-Based Birth       Childbirth Connection       Science and Sensibility

Yes, VBAC is an option!

Yes, VBAC is an option!

Proof that a baby can be born in a brow presentation to a first time mom...with no episiotomy and a small tear!

Proof that a baby can be born in a brow presentation to a first time mom…with no episiotomy and a small tear!

Big babies DO come out without episiotomies!

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Waterbirth is an integral part of homebirth.  About 50% of our babies are born in the water.  Virtually ALL mothers want a birth tub available.  Set up and clean up are easy since your midwife does most of that.

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