Join your midwife and other parents
to share postpartum struggles and triumphs

Welcome to 2016!  As we start this new year, Kristin and April are committing to some really BIG THINGS.  The first BIG THING is a unique, creative, and tech savvy online interaction that helps create relationships, provide information, and bring new parents into a better place.

So many parents find the transition to parenthood to be so….well, difficult!  Moms and dads both must recover from the birth process, struggle with fatigue, and wonder how in the world they were left in charge of this baby.  Who thought THAT was a good idea??

Moms especially have a tough road.  Physically, they are the ones who have to recover from vaginal or c-section births, have body leakages all over the place, and live with hormonal changes that make Six Flags envious.  Emotionally, it’s all those things plus the unfair expectations that we ourselves and society at large place on us regarding our ability to care for ourselves, our new baby, our partners, and our families.  It’s a fact that women expect and are expected to bite off a lot to chew and do it well.  And then post cute pictures of it on Pinterest.

The reality?  It’s SO hard.  No matter what.  Moms need help, TLC, and a shoulder to cry on as well as good, concrete information about health and development.  Sometimes our loved ones can provide these things.  Sometimes our care provider is the right person to help.  Sometimes we need to reach outside our regular circle of friends and family.  In our age of tech and separation, we need a way to meet with other parents experiencing the same difficulties, joys, and triumphs and share our experiences.

Sunrise Midwifery to the rescue!  We are now offering a regularly scheduled online video chat for our clients, their friends, or others who want to join in to discuss and get support for all topics related to postpartum and newborns.  One of our midwives will lead the Hangout session and provide guidance or information.

We are aware that treading into “parenting” advice areas can be damaging to one’s health!  It is a path fraught with many potential misunderstandings, assumptions, judgements, and complaints.  Here are the “guiding lights” for us to follow as we embark on this journey together:

Non-denominational (religious, care providers, medical choices, etc)

We hope you will join us.  Click on the icon to the right to join the video chat to meet with us from the comfort of your own home.  People can be as anonymous or open as they each desire and use their video links or just the voice.  If you have any problems joining, be sure to contact Kristin at

Thank you to J & J without whom this idea would not exist!

9:30-10:30 am


Feeding the baby

Sleep schedules for whole family

Physical symptoms and care

Newborn care

Finding a provider

“Baby blues”

Postpartum depression

Breastfeeding and milk supply

Going back to work

Staying home

Dads and partners


Visitors and what they should bring