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Providing homebirth midwifery services in the Yakima Valley, Ellensburg, Prosser, and Tri-Cities since 2009. Homebirth with Licensed Midwives is safe, affordable, and client-centered. Find out today if homebirth is right for you.

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Starting care is easy

A free, in-office consultation to discuss your questions about homebirth and to review your health history helps ensure a good fit between you and your midwife.  The first appointment is scheduled at your convenience.  Appointments take place regularly throughout pregnancy.  It’s that simple!

Insurance and payments

Find answers about insurance and Medicaid coverage for midwifery care, our pre-payment policy, hiring a professional billing service, and how to make payments.  We accept check, cash, credit cards, and HSA cards.  Click here for PayPal.

Client Information Place

One-stop location for established clients to find information quickly: logging into your online EHR (called ClientCare), ordering birth certificates and birth kits, renting a birth tub, and more.

Are you a medical professional? Learn more about licensed midwifery

Licensed Midwifery in Washington State

Midwives are trained and educated professionals who dedicate their lives to supporting women and helping birth babies safely.  We believe in birth and work to make birth choices available to all women.  Midwives are trained in the care of healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies.  We have experience managing many complications of childbirth and know when to refer moms and babies for medical care.

In Washington State, we are lucky to have had licensure available to midwives for over 30 years.  We are called Licensed Midwives (LM). We have a robust licensing process, starting with the initial training and testing requirements.  Prospective LMs must attend 100 births, learn to manage many complications, and complete hundreds of clinical hours before taking their national and state exams.  To maintain licensure, LMs must show continuing education, statistical collection, and transport plans.  The quality of our LMs is amazing and many states look to us.

Homebirth is a safe, comfortable, individualized, and cost-effective way to birth your baby.  It merges the wisdom of women’s bodies and traditional remedies with evidence-based practice, attentive care, and medical referral when needed.  It is so much more than you think AND so much different than you have experienced.

Kristin performing a newborn exam

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What does Sunrise Midwifery offer you?

Licensed Midwives provide a full-range of maternity care services.
From preconception counseling to postpartum and breastfeeding care, we help our clients through it all.
And we at Sunrise Midwifery are developing great relationships for you
and bringing hope to girls around the world.

Community and State Activities

MAWS Board of Directors

Kristin has been a member of MAWS since beginning practice and now is on the Board of Directors.  She is also the Membership chair.  MAWS does significant work at the state level for advancing the profession of midwifery in WA and supporting its members.  Find out more here.

MAWS Board of Directors
Smooth Transitions

The WA Perinatal Collaborative works statewide on several issues to better perinatal outcomes.  The Smooth Transitions project is designed to educate hospital staff about LM training and scope of practice with the goal of improving transports from home to hospital during birth.  Kristin and April work with other midwives and representative from local hospitals to create a better local system.

Smooth Transitions
Legislative work in WA

Every year we work with state legislators on important bills and issues surrounding midwifery and maternity care. In 2015 we helped pass a mechanism for increasing the number of practicing LMs and updating our standards of care and continuing education.  Let’s see what’s on the agenda for 2016!  Find more information here.

Legislative work in WA
Independent Birth Center?

Is it possible?  Yes, it is!  Sunrise Midwifery is working with a variety of individuals to help bring this wonderful idea to fruition.

Independent Birth Center?
Voices of Hope Africa

Voices of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides education to vulnerable young Masaai girls who are at risk of female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Voices of Hope Africa